The Rare Collector Transformer Cartoon DVD Set

For years people of all ages have been watching the Transformers cartoon. Many people even have a collection of the transformers toys. Yes the transformers have been in most every household since 1982. They have been all over the world from Japan to the USA and they are still just as popular today as they were back in the day. Now you can enjoy watching the Transformer Cartoon DVD right in your own home.

There are many fans today that are not aware of how the transformers came about and just how long they have really been around. Sure they have seen the television shows and have even bout a toy or two but do they really know about the cartoon? Thankfully there are many DVDs out there that can bring you up to speed on the transformers. Many of the names are still the same when it comes to the characters such as Optimus prime and Megatron but it is still very helpful to have the transformers cartoon DVD collection. 4anime

If you are new to the Transformers then you may want to get up to speed on exactly what the story is about. Unfortunately that might be difficult to do if you do, as the series keeps moving on and new episodes are being shown. It can be hard to come into a show mid season, not knowing the story line or who is who. Thankfully there are Transformers Cartoon DVD’s that can be bought which will allow you to see the story right from the very beginning. Your whole family will enjoy seeing the whole story and how it all got started.

The Transformers have been around for nearly 23 years and are still going strong. Ask any child you see about transformers and you can bet it won’t be power supply that they tell you about. If you have kids then you most likely have had to change their toys from a car into a powerful Autobot and we all know that learning this transformation technique can be a bit challenging if you do not know about the Transformers. It really does help to know who the characters are and what Autobots they change into so you can help your child figure out how to transform his Autobots. Kids can play for hours just watching the cartoon and using their own transformer toys.



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