How to Choose a Garage Door for Your Home

The challenges that a client faces when choosing a garage door is information overload. They receive several quotes and several conflicting stories.

Salesmen are knocking over other company’s products, and telling customers that other garage door companies are not good enough.

– The Industry over the past ten years has seen a huge increase in resellers.
– Big brands have decided to not deal with the public directly but instead selling their product to a ‘backyard’ buyer to sell onto you.
– They only buy the product off the shelf and install it for you.

We have put together a list of items that you should be conscious of when making your decision on buying a garage door:

1: Is the door manufactured by the company/person supplying to you?
The reason to buy from manufacturer direct is that they have full control of the product quality and the tradesman putting it on.

When buying from resellers, they only buy from manufacturer and supply the product. Resellers don’t carry the warranty, and usually work from a PO box or mobile phone.

2: Delivery of product:
Manufacturer direct can supply product on time and on budget. They have full control of product, they manufacture, supply to you and install on site

The Reseller has to wait along side other resellers for manufacturer to tell them when and if that product is available. So they may promise 3 wks but you end up waiting 6wks.

3: Installation of door
Manufacturer direct has a team of qualified tradesman  fd30 fire door and frame NOT CONTRACTORS, who work exclusively for manufacturer. They’re prime goal is that employment is being supplied by one source

The resellers his prime goal is to supply the product, when he can, to several different companies who request his services. So his standard can vary from job to job.

4: Designs and Product:
The manufacturer has the capacity to produce any design you request and give you the choice of more colours, windows, motors etc

The reseller will usually sell you a product that will benefit him price wise and may not give you full options available for designs and windows etc.

5: After sales service:
Manufacturers that sell direct to the public will have full operational service teams in the event of needing maintenance and service on the product. The service team is educated in that specific product and will be dedicated to the client and after sales.

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